Alumni Profile: Priscilla Morales ’12

Priscilla Morales ’12 immediately hopped on board with the Collaboratory after transferring to Messiah College in her junior year. Little did she know that what was only supposed to be an extracurricular activity would also teach her some priceless life skills and values.   Collab alum interview pic 2

As an English major with a writing concentration, Morales put her talent to good use by writing for the Collaboratory’s Marketing Team. In her senior year, she took on the role of Student Project Manager and oversaw a variety of marketing projects. Following graduation, Morales returned to serve as a Project Manager for the advancement group for two years.   

Her experiences as the Student Project Manager and Project Manager undoubtedly honed her leadership skills. On top of that, Morales also learned the value of patience.  

“Things take time,” Morales says. “We really just need to be flexible and know that things will come together when they need to.” 

Currently a volunteer at Friends of Midtown, a non-profit community benefit organization in Harrisburg, Morales now helps out with cleanups and various events around her neighborhood.  

“It’s important to be part of a cause and be very passionate about it,” Morales states. “Similar to how the Collab is helping people around the globe live better lives, I do my part in my neighborhood to make sure it’s functioning as smoothly as possible.” 


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