Service Day

Service Day at Messiah College is an annual opportunity where we set aside time to serve God and His creation. Some work in the community garden, pick up trash, or volunteer at the Special Olympics. In the Collaboratory, we continue to create.

After light refreshments of donuts, juice, and protein bars, the room full of Collaboratory students and staff joined together in praise and worship of God.

The theme for this year’s Service Day was to remember, in the midst of our busy projects, that God is the center of it all.

Jess Kline, Student Director, said in her opening remarks, “On Service Day, we tend to think a lot about what I can do to serve, how am I serving?” Instead of focusing on ourselves, we need to primarily be aware of what God is doing.

Director Doug Flemmens gave a few words by having us give a few words, naming attributes of God. “All-knowing” and “loving” and “creative”, among others, were readily called out. “What part of any of that implies that God needs us?”

We were encouraged to stop thinking about ourselves, and instead remember God’s glory, and the gift He gives us by letting us join Him in His good work. Another emphasis was to think about our partner organizations rather than focusing solely on our projects.

We completed the session with prayers for our partners, not our projects, and were set loose into the project space to do the good work God had called us to do, with the words of that morning running through our heads.

By lunch that afternoon, that message was driven home into all our stomachs, when we were surprised to find that the standard Service Day lunch of sub sandwiches had been complimented with foreign cuisine: African beef, Asian chicken, rice, and baked plantains on the side. This was the final reminder that the Collaboratory is not about us, but serving God and the people we partner with.


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