Service Day

By Olivia McCullum ‘18

IMG_1163.JPGEvery April, Messiah College encourages servant leadership by canceling classes and other activities on campus for one day,allowing students, faculty, and staff to participate in various projects around campus. The Collaboratory is particularly busy on this day, as project managers, faculty, and students gather to work on their various projects for the day. While weekly Collaboratory meetings consistently focus on serving, Service Day has a special meaning for many students and faculty within the Collaboratory. We asked several members of the Collaboratory how they saw service day impacting their project and the organization.IMG_1166.JPG

Autumn Bank ‘19, a member of the Marketing Project, enjoys Service Day because it allows her and other project members to spend a significant amount of time focusing on social media posts. Bank says, “My project impacts the Collaboratory by getting important information out to the public about the Collaboratory”and Service Day is a great day for publicizing the work of the Collaboratory and concentrating on long-term projects.

Another member of the Collaboratory, student Daniel Gallagher ‘18 notes that Service Day allows his project the opportunity to dedicate a full day of work to “further God’s Kingdom through what we can accomplish.” Doug Flemmens, Director of the Collaboratory, notes that Service Day allows the project members to not only work for extended periods of time, but also gives student and faculty the opportunity to reflect and celebrate on all the work that has been accomplished over the past year. Additionally, he says, Service Day grants different projects the opportunity to meet IMG_1165.JPGtogether and gain a fuller understanding of the scope of different projects.
Service Day has truly become a special tradition for Messiah College, and for the Collaboratory.  Any day can be purely dedicated to service, but this day in the Collaboratory allows for different projects to focus and get larger amounts of work done all for the glory of God.


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