Interview with Sandra Snozzi


IMG_0809 (1).jpg

By Olivia McCullum ‘18

Sandra Snozzi ‘18, a junior engineering major with a double concentration in computer and electrical engineering, shared her incredible journey through the Collaboratory and the inspiration for her participation in this organization. She is a student project manager and a student board member.

Sandra, intrigued by the Collaboratory before attending Messiah, first heard of the Collaboratory’s global involvement and service aspect. When Sandra attended her first Collaboratory meeting in her freshman year, she quickly found a project she was passionate about. Although an engineering major, the Yako Education project inspired Sandra to delve deeper into the Collaboratory.

In spring semester of her freshman year, Sandra joined the Intelligent Water project, which develops a pump monitoring device. This technology uses a cellphone from inside the pump to send a text alert should the pump break. Now, as the student project manager, she says that one of her most fulfilling roles involves the possibility to empower fellow project members.

Last year, Sandra became a member of the student board in the hopes of improving Collaboratory. One of her favorite elements of being a student board member is sharing her passion for Collaboratory with other members. They attempt to expand the possibilities for volunteering and working in Collaboratory to incorporate more fields of study. Sandra also emphasized that not only is the Collaboratory an opportunity for service and application of education, but also a spiritual journey through which members can spread the message of God’s kingdom.

Sandra’s faith developed as a result of Collaboratory, specifically in that she learned the value of teamwork. While it can be difficult to adjust to everyone’s needs and abilities, Sandra believes that every member of each project is driven to fulfill a common goal to complete the task, sharing love to all. She values the solidarity which she finds as a member of the Collaboratory and the student board.

In her last year at Messiah, Sandra hopes to witness the continuous improvement of both her project and the Collaboratory. She cannot wait to see the Collaboratory branching out into other majors and disciplines in the hope of harnessing unique perspectives.


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