Kim Phipps Speaks at Collaboratory

by Kira Adelman ’19

On March 20th, the Collaboratory was lucky to experience President Kim Phipps speak, where she discussed Sustainable Excellence Through Collaboration. As the president at Messiah College, she oversees and manages how the college functions, making herself available each hour of the day, all the time. Yet Phipps took an hour out of her day to speak to the Collaboratory. Sarah Beairsto, the student project manager of the Collaboratory Marketing Project, asked Kim Phipps what she likes about the Collaboratory:

I’m just a great fan of the Collaboratory because I believe it is distinctive to Messiah College. They talk about preparing students for service, leadership, and reconciliation. The Collaboratory is our best expression of that. The fact that it continues through the semester from year to year. It makes a difference in so many people’s lives and it’s just amazing to me. The student leadership and the involvement of advisers and the involvement of people in the community is just extraordinarythere’s  nothing else like it on our campus. There’s a lot of great things going on in the Collaboratory.”

Messiah College, and especially the Collaboratory, is blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive president like Kim Phipps. Phipps helps the Collaboratory out in many ways, and is well known for her student interactions at Messiah. Thank you, Kim Phipps for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to the Collaboratory. If you enjoyed listening to Kim Phipps speak, come listen to Peter Greer speak on April 10th in Alexander Auditorium (Frey 110) at 6pm. All are welcome whether you are a member of the Collaboratory or not!  



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