Henosis: Collaboration and Communication

Hannah Beairsto, ’20

Henosis, an online platform that services non-profit organizations, will allow any participating organizations to post information about themselves, which other users of Henosis can access. This platform will enable non-profits to pool their resources, and make a more effective impact.

The project owner, Andrew Cameron ‘17, had the vision for the project when he was a high school student. He and a friend were interested in entering a competition for Microsoft to come up with an innovative idea to benefit their community. The genesis of their idea came from a desire for a simpler way for worship leaders to share their work. “My mom was the worship director at our home church, and always had a hard time finding other people’s worship styles because she’d have to take off a Sunday.”  Further inquiries into the topic revealed that their youth pastor had similar sentiments, as he and other youth pastors had difficulty getting together to discuss and share. At the start, they did not intend for much collaboration to unfold.  “The Collaboratory has become a collaboratory,” says Cameron.

The platform has expanded well beyond churches, though. “There are definitely a lot of Christian groups and non-profits, but there are even more that aren’t Christian or aren’t religious that we want to serve. There are groups that want to help people who are put-off by specifically Christian applications,” Cameron says. The platform is accessible to groups that are not exclusively Christian, groups that can then assist people in need who are not Christian themselves. “Henosis exists for everyone who wants to make a better world, and not worry about different personal beliefs or agendas,” says Sam Mahan ‘19, a member of the web team.

“Leading a team of more than ten is not easy, especially when everyone’s got their own schedules,” says Huey Hum ‘17, the project co-manager. However, they have learned to make it work, and have taken initiative to get tasks done effectively.

So far, the project has gone through several prototypes, and currently the platform is not up and running. They have plans to launch a version for beta testers in Colorado soon.

Until then, there is still some ground to be covered in the development of the project. We look forward to the exciting new opportunity presented by this open platform, which will allow for joint effort and the enhancement of communication in the world.