Interview with Katelyn Spieker

Kira Adelman ‘19

Within The Collaboratory, there are multiple sections. One sect is specifically dedicated to teaching the children in the Downey Elementary School’s after school program (a local school within the city of Harrisburg), teaching them how to execute various science themed activities. Typically, the people who get involved in this branch of the Collaboratory are education majors, because the group allows them to enhance their teaching skills. I had the privilege to interview one of the Messiah Students who was involved in this branch of Collaboratory in the fall semester. Katelyn Spieker (a sophomore studying Elementary Education) gave the scoop on what this Collab branch is all about!

I began the interview by asking Katelyn what her favorite part of her Collab group was and why. She explained to me, that her Collab group is unique compared to the other Collab groups, because she gets to physically leave campus and visit the Elementary school one day a week. She likes that she can form positive relationships with the children every week, while visiting Downey Elementary School.

Not only does she love the positive relationships she’s able to form, but her Collab branch is relevant to her major. As mentioned, Katelyn is an Elementary Education major and during her Collab experience in the fall, she learned a lot about lesson planning. She learned how to both plan and teach lessons to the students at Downey Elementary school. She explained she learned a lot from the Education professor, who leads the Collab group too!

Since their lessons are devoted to science, I asked Katelyn about some of the cool experiments she has done with the kids in her Collab group. She explained to me her favorite experiments were those that involved pill bugs. Overall though, she enjoyed all of the experiments and loved when the kids would become interested in what the group was trying to teach.

I ended the interview by asking Katelyn what she would like others to know about her Collab branch. She explained that the group is always looking to add new members and get insight and input to better help the students. Also, the group wants to form a lasting relationship with Downey Elementary School and impact the lives of the students there. After my interview with Katelyn, I realized how truly incredible this Collab branch really is. If this is a group you would be interested with investing your time in, you should email for more information.




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